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HD-SDI links Extender

Extend HD-SDI signal
Integrated cable equalizer for long distance video transmission
Re-clocker to resynchronize the signal—bring it back to its original condition.
Cable Driver to retransmit the signal with its original characteristics restored.
Support Coaxial-link(C-LINK),
able to power out/in by coaxial cable.
allow transmitting Ctrl signal(UCC) by coaxial cable.
Function Spec.
HD-SDI in/out interface Connectors :BNC 75Ω
Cable Impedance:75Ω ± 3Ω
Data Throughput:270Mbps – 1.485Gbps (SMPTE 292M)
Aux port Connector :RJ45 (Cat 3) type
Pin definition:
RS-485 in (Pair 1 white/green)
RS-485 out (Pair 2 white/orange)
PWR in/out +24V (Pair 3 white blue)/ Gnd (Pair 4 white/brown)
Power Supply Input 
(Head End input)
Power in via RJ45(Aux port)
9 ~24V DC, rated current 0.5 – 2A
Power Supply Output
(nearest Camera Side output , 
without PoC camera )
Power out via RJ45(Aux port)
VIN @ Head End -1V -Coax DC drop (varies with cable type/length)
DC Feed via Coax
VIN @ Head End -1V -Coax DC per hop (varies with cable type/length)
Maximum 400 mA – 30 mA per
Environmental repeater Operating Temperature:0 to 50C degree C
Relative humidity:Up to 85% non-condensing
Storage Temperature:-200C to 700C
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