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Field of Applications
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Industrial camera
Mintron has accumulated 30 years of experience in image processing and automatic control technologies, providing a series of professional cameras being long used in industrial control and automatic manufacturing areas....(more)

ITS / Traffic camera
Mintron traffic cameras have been successfully overcome the obstacles in image application that ITS faces. This series camera has been adopted in several countries and installed in their transport systems, ......(more)

Medical and Life Sciences
In medical and life science applications, the accuracy of image reproduction is crucial. It assists physicians and engineering researchers to identify and make correct diagnoses and judgments. These analyses and researches often take long periods of observation and recording.....(more)


The vast universe calls out human curiosity and exploring desire. Mintron star-view cameras feature noise free and super high sensitivity, enabling the user to take the most high-quality images on various topics....more

Vechile Safty System

Advanced Vehicle Safety System(AVS) The system is based on image recognition technology as a active driving safety warning function of the core....more

Launched Uncompression Digital HD camera solution ,EX-SDI (VLC) HD cameras, able to trasmit signal 300 metre ....(more)

3x af zoom Launched new 3X Auto Focus HD-SDI BOX camera.. (more)

Date :2014/05

20X CCD AF 1080P

Launched ITS AF 20X CCD Global shutter1080p camera, which is support strobe pulse signal...(more)